CONFIRMATION   Deacon Greg Pashley
In confirmation, we reaffirm for ourselves our baptismal promises, renew our commitment to the Catholic faith, and accept our responsibilities as followers of Jesus. During the celebration, The Bishop or Priest lays his hand on the head of the one  to be confirmed and anoints the forehead with chrism (holy oil). These actions seal us with the gift of the Holy Spirit and signify our participation in Christ's ministry.  Confirmation classes are offered every two years.

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PASTORAL COUNCIL   David Kingsella, Church McDonald
A consultative group which focuses on pastoral planning for the parish and is responsible for the ongoing process of developing and renewing long and short range priorities for pastoral ministry in the parish. The members of the Pastoral Council generally serve upon request of the Pastor.
The children of the parish, generally ages 5 to 12, process to the Parish Hall during the 10:30am Mass with an adult catechist, where they celebrate the Liturgy of the Word. The Vatican approved Liturgy is adapted so that it is more comprehensible to children. The children are encouraged to listen to the Word, to reflect upon how Jesus speaks to them, and to explore how they can respond in their own lives. They pray a simplified Creed, offer Prayers of the Faithful, and then return to Mass at the Offertory. Registration is not required and parents are welcome to accompany their children.
BAPTISM CLASSES   Randy & Kathy Stewart
Baptism begins our life in the Church, it frees us from original sin, takes away any personal sins, and gives us grace to live as Christians. We are reborn of the water and the Spirit and share in the life of the risen Jesus.

Infant/Early Childhood Baptism
This sacrament is one of the most important gifts we can give our children. It gives them a "new life" in water and Spirit and affirms them as members of the parish community. Baptismal preparation class gives parents a wonderful opportunity to review the sacrament and to receive support in living the Catholic faith within their family.

SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION   AnaMaria McClellan, Barbara Wade

Sacramental preparation for First Reconciliation (also called Confession or Penance) and First Communion normally takes place in the second grade for children baptized in the Catholic Faith.  Essential for the preparation of First Communion is regular worship in Sunday Mass, participation in religious education, and a commitment on the part of the parents to the religious education of their children after the first reception of Communion. A first grade religious education is  required for the preparation of First Communion in the second grade.