Dear Prospective Families,

I want to share some thoughts with you about Saint Agatha Catholic School and the compelling reasons
I see for enrolling your children. At Saint Agatha there is a fun loving, yet rigorous academic environment
in which learning is known to be an avenue to God. This fundamental Catholic belief shapes how we teach, and it ensures that a deep respect for each student and all those involved permeates the
school's atmosphere.

Saint Agatha Catholic School has small class sizes, giving our children the advantages of a great student/teacher ratio. Our well-prepared instructors bring both academic credentials and years of dedicated experience to their vocation as teachers. To support teaching and learning, Saint Agatha Catholic School has beautiful new facilities that are friendly and safe. This academic year we will also open our new Learning Support Center (LSC) with up-to-date science and technology labs. This new center enhances our existing programs designed to help children who need additional academic assistance and support.

The total picture of what Saint Agatha Catholic School has to offer is priceless. In our classrooms teachers and students are free to include spiritual and religious insights appropriate to the subjects. The freedom to
talk about and grow together in faith as part of the curriculum is not an option in the public school system
or even in the best private schools. Likewise, students are introduced to what is morally and ethically good. They are helped, through service-learning experiences and the example of their teachers, to grow in
their desire to serve the common good.

The students of Saint Agatha Catholic School today are the beneficiaries of 100 years of dedicated teaching and learning in the Catholic tradition. For 100 years, the faith community of Saint Agatha Parish has formed a solid spiritual foundation on which our ministry of education rests today.

Please come and visit. I know you will stay.

Father Nathan Zodrow, OSB

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