From August 19, 2018 Bulletin:  My dear people at St. Agatha,
We are gearing for a new school year, and I am excited in front of this enormous challenge.  I am excited for the opportunities to get to know St. Agatha's school families.  I am looking forward to meeting the parents when they drop off their children in the morning for school.  And I am grateful for our principal, Mr. Harris, and for the teachers and the staff, and the volunteers.  Our school is truly the greatest and effective way to evangelize the culture; and it is an enormous opportunity for all of us at St. Agatha's to be involved and engaged.  This is my first assignment with a school and I am grateful to the Archbishop to have enough confidence in me in entrusting me with this great responsibility.  I know the learning curve is very steep for me, but I am willing - because there is no other way but to trust in God and push forward!
The recent changes in the church have been difficult and bewildering for you, I know.  I am truly sorry if any of those changes disturbs you and make your experience at Holy Mass difficult.  I ask for your forgiveness!  I have no agenda nor do I try to push through an ideology of my own with these changes.  I sincerely and genuinely want and desire one thing and one thing only: that all of us be able to encounter Christ at Sunday Mass, and that we all go home nourished and strengthened by the grace we receive, and by the friendship we share here.  Please speak to me directly and tell me what you want me to hear.  The least I could do is to give you the time of day, to show you the respect you deserve, and to pray for you!  God bless you!
Fr. Luan Tran

From August 12, 2018 Bulletin:    My dear people at St. Agatha,
Today, August 8, Mr. Harris and I attended a meeting at the chancery for new pastors of parishes with a school.  There are so many things to come up to speed on in a very short amount of time.  I am not sure any priest in my situation would feel adequate to the task, unless he puts everything in God's hand.
But I already started my work here with a prayer to the Blessed Mother and our Blessed Lord so that my cares and concerns for the parish may not diminish my sense of gratitude to God for having sent me here.  Also, I have decided that every time I begin to worry about the parish and the school, I shall stop and pray a Memorare instead! "Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone . . ."  I am fully convinced that, if God has entrusted with this task of being the pastor of this wonderful parish and this excellent school, then He will endow me with all the graces necessary to stay on the mission!  I can say now that I am glad this parish has a school so that we have a concrete place for our evangelizing mission.  I am glad that St. Agatha has a place into which we could channel our energy and enthusiasm and efforts so that the faith could be handed on and saints could be formed!  Yes, the primary goal of a Catholic school is to form future saints.  Please help me in this most worthy endeavors!
Fr Luan Tran

From the July 29, 2018 Bulletin:   My dear people at St. Agatha,
I am so sorry about the heat wave that has made the experience at Holy Mass at St. Agatha's so uncomfortable. The ceiling fans help, but it is still hot and humid in the church.  I will do what I can to help you survive the heat, especially by begging our Lord for some relief.  I have to say I am very edified that you have not stayed away from the Mass here, and have shared with all of us in the burden of this awful heat!  Please consider offering your physical discomfort to our Blessed Lord during Holy Mass for the welfare of your loved ones.
In the past several days, I have had the privilege of speaking and listening to some of you about your concerns, in complete openness, and sincerity, and charity.  I appreciate greatly their candor and honesty.  I invite you to speak with me directly if there is something that bothers you, so that I could understand your experience in your own words.  And for me to explain the reasons and the intentions.
I am still very far away from perfection, because I am nothing but a sinner on the way to salvation.  And the way I save my soul now is by being a faithful priest in serving God by serving you at St. Agatha's.  Nothing I do is meant to draw attention to myself, but is supposed to be for the Greater Glory of God and the Church.  Please let me know when and where I fall short of that goal.  Know that pray for you and your families without ceasing.
Fr Luan Tran 

From the July 22, 2018 Bulletin:   Dear St. Agatha Family,
Three weeks in and I am feeling at home!  Praise God!  Deo Gratias!  So much to learn, and so little time, but so far so good!  The staff, the volunteers, the parishioners: all of you have offered me the handshake of fellowship and have extended to me your warmest welcome!  I hope I will not disappoint you, God willing and God assisting!  This morning at coffee with some from the daily Mass crowd, I was sharing my amazement and my appreciation of the tremendous potential and the many opportunities at St. Agatha.  But my greatest astounding discovery is how willing our volunteers are in going the extra mile for the Church, the parish, the priest, and each other!  Without all of you working together, the church would have gone in a different direction altogether!  Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with me, your priest.  I am here to serve you at the pleasure of our Lord and of the Archbishop.  And both our Blessed Lord and the Archbishop want me to put one hundred percent of me into my apostolate here, without asking “what is in it for me?”  Please also forgive whatever grievances or inconveniences I have caused you because of my style or personality or even my accent!  May God keep all of us together in His service!
Fr Luan Tran 

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