November 10 Bulletin:  My Dear Parishioners,
Archbishop Sample, Archbishop Emeritus Vlazny and Bishop Smith are going to Baltimore for the Fall Plenary session of the conference of US Bishops.  We shall pray for them and for the Church in this country as they take up and discuss weighty matters.
Here at St Agatha we continue to carry on our mission of evangelization. Apart from the school which is the main venue of our evangelizing endeavor, we shall inaugurate the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  It is and it is not a program or an initiative.  It is primarily a response from our heart - heart in love with Our Blessed Lord, the only Good Shepherd, and filled with the desire to make Him known to other hearts, especially those of the most innocent and youngest among us.  Rosemary Rettig is our Catechist and she is forward to the opening of our Atrium here.  Please contact me for more information. 
I will have on the Catechesis and on the catechist in my next article.

November 3 Bulletin:  My Dear Parishioners,
In these tumultuous and uncertain times, we have an excellent patron and intercessor in St. Joseph.  Good old St. Joseph is truly powerful with his foster Son - Our Blessed Lord!  So, I would like to share with you my most favorite prayer to St. Joseph and invite you to pray along with me every day for yourselves, your families, our parish, and the Universal Church whose Patron Saint is St. Joseph.
AD TE, BEATE JOSEPH (By Pope Leo XIII):  TO thee, O blessed Joseph, do we come in our tribulation, and having implored the help of thy most holy Spouse, we confidently invoke34 thy patronage also. Through that charity which bound thee to the immaculate Virgin Mother of God and through the paternal love with which thou embraced the Child Jesus, we humbly beg thee to graciously regard the inheritance which Jesus Christ has purchased by his Blood, and with thy power and strength to aid us in our necessities.  O most watchful Guardian of the Holy Family, defend the chosen children of Jesus Christ; O most loving father, ward off from us every contagion of error and corrupting influence; O our most mighty protector, be propitious to us and from heaven assist us in our struggle with the power of darkness; and, as once thou rescued the Child Jesus from deadly peril, so now protect God's Holy Church from the snares of the enemy and from all adversity; shield, too, each one of us by thy constant protection, so that, supported by thy example and thy aid, we may be able to live piously, to die holy, and to obtain eternal happiness in heaven.  Amen.

October 27 Bulletin:  My Dear Parishioners,
This Saturday, the 26th of October, one of our own will be ordained to the Holy Order of the Diaconate - Greg Pashley! 
Greg is an exemplary Catholic.  As a husband, a father, a son, a police officer, His life has been a clear demonstration of the concept of living as salt and light in the world.  He is greatly concerned with helping his family to live the universal call to holiness even as he himself is striving to live this call.  He is also mindful of the need to help his fellow Catholics to achieve the same.  Greg has been very helpful to me in so many ways - not least among which is his service at the altar every Saturday evening.  He has been a source of encouragement as well. 
I am very grateful to the Archbishop Sample for his selection of Greg to the Holy Order of the Diaconate and for Greg's assignment to serve at our parish.  From now on, you will see him at Mass assisting as deacon at the altar.  Greg will also be preaching at all weekend Masses once a month.  I think you will appreciate his spiritual insights and encouragement.  As deacon, Greg can also preside at baptisms, marriages (without Mass), graveside services, Vespers, and Holy Communion services.  I am very excited of having Greg with us! 
I invite you to pray for Greg and his family on this occasion of his ordination and beyond!  This whole journey to the diaconate was possible because of his wife’s support and accompaniment.  Christine Pashley has been a great help and a companion to her husband on the road of discernment and preparation!  She is our school's office manager and our school families greatly appreciate her service, her can-do attitude and her winning smile!  Greg's two children, Theo and Justine, play a crucial role in helping their father to get to this point.  They are great children and model students!  Please extend to him your handshake of friendship and wish him well when you see him this weekend!

October 20 Bulletin:  My Dear Parishioners,
I am happy to report that our first Rosary pilgrimage was held last week at the Eklund’s and it was swell!  We had the Rosary in both English and Vietnamese!  The next Rosary Pilgrimage will be hosted by the Wade’s for the month of November.  Ideally I would like to have the Rosary on the First Saturday of the Month.  If your family cannot accommodate the pilgrimage on Saturday morning but still desires to have it, perhaps we could think about First Friday evenings.
I want to let you know also that we will have the Auxiliary Bishop of Portland, Bishop Peter Smith, with us for our School Mass on the 12th of December on the great feast of our Lady of Guadalupe!  To help our children be familiar with the Mexican culture we have engaged the service of the Portland Mariachi Band, who will be responsible for the music at the Mass and who will also serenade with traditional Mexican songs our Lady of Guadalupe at the end!  The Eklund’s have donated a magnificent image of Our Lady of Guadalupe for this feast!  Our parish is going to shoulder half of the cost of the whole event, which would come to about $500.  Therefore, I want to take this great opportunity to ask you for your patronage of this blessed religious and cultural celebration!  I am looking for five sponsors to help with the expenses. If you feel this is something you would like to be a part of, please let me know!
Enough for now!  God bless you!

October 13 Bulletin:  My Dear Parishioners,
The idea of the Rosary Pilgrimage is to pray for your families and to strengthen the bond between you and your pastor.  There are many of you whose homes I have never visited, although you may live a few blocks from the church.  The idea here is that we belong to the same destiny and we belong to each other, and your happiness and your joys are mine and mine are yours.  There must be some way for us to identify with each other- in faith and mission.  I hope this makes sense.  I am the priest and you have been entrusted to me by the Archbishop.  I have a duty to know you and your families - I who have been given the charge to be administering to you the mysteries of Salvation.  I cannot be adequate to my tasks unless I know the sheep of my spiritual flock. I have to admit I have not been very successful at my efforts in trying to know you - I am terrible at remembering names and faces!
So, if you would like to host the Rosary for a particular month, please contact Karen in the Office (please include a few options for date and time).  I will recruit a few folks to go with me to your homes on this spiritual pilgrimage.  We will come over and pray the Rosary with you for your intentions, and we could have coffee afterwards (nothing fancy).  But we don’t even need to do that, if you don’t want to!  You also get to keep the statue if Our Lady of Fatima in your home until the next gathering.
God bless you!

October 6 Bulletin:  My Dear Parishioners,
On this First Sunday of the month of October, I would like to invite you to consider taking up the Rosary and pray this great prayer from our tradition.  Many of us cannot finish the day without saying five decades of a particular series of mysteries.  I am earnestly asking that each one of you pray at least a decade of the Rosary a day and mediate on the particular mystery of the day.  This way, we become familiar with the life of our Lord, and we can reflect on a certain aspect of our Lord's life as it relates to our own life, and we can ask our Lord for strength in order to cope with whatever we are lacking.   the Rosary is a powerful prayer that can overcome adversarial forces against our faith.  It is a beautiful way to increase our affection for Christ and His Mother.  And it is Consoling. 
I have a few more ideas I will share with you all at Mass this Sunday.

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