January 20, 2019 Bulletin:  My Dear Parishioners,
I have been having the privilege to co-teach one period of religion to the Eighth Graders with Mr. Arnaud Prevot (on three Thursdays of the month).  And it has been a tremendous joy to be able to help our young people in their journey of faith to discover the beauty and the profundity and the joy that the truths of the Catholic Faith bring to their lives.  I have heard from them their biggest concerns, and I have begun to have a slightly better appreciation of the life of young people in these times.  Young as they are and busy as they are, they have not neglected the deepest questions of the heart.  And in spite of many distractions around them, these young Catholics have paid attention to the yearnings of their hearts and endeavored to pursue the answers to these most significant desires.  I am very proud of our school and our children.  But I am also aware of the snares and the dangers awaiting them on the road of life as they prepare for the next step. In the end, we entrusted them to God's protection and the Blessed Mother's maternal solicitude and St. Agatha's intercession!

January 13, 2019:  My Dear Parishioners
This weekend Tom McClung speaks to you about the last phase of the restoration project that was started by Father Nathan several years ago.  It was a critical project to save the church building from literally disintegrating because of its age and the material from which it was constructed almost one hundred years ago.  The total cost of this last phase of the project is about $275,000, including the re-sealing of the exterior parts that have already been restored.
I always loathe to speak on the subject of money, but this is not about money.  This whole project has always been about preserving a unique architectural accomplishment that has lasted almost 100 years - a unique structure that is more than just a building because it has been the church in which the worship of God has been carried out for almost a century.  This church building that is St. Agatha's is a monument to the faith of the early generations of Catholics who had settled in this part of the city and who went to extraordinary lengths to build a beautiful edifice to serve as the house of God for themselves and for their children.  Now it is up to us to keep up and maintain their legacy.  Because this is our legacy!
Thank you and God bless you!

January 6, 2019:  My Dear Parishioners
2019 is here, finally!  Not that I was eager for it to come this quickly!  New Year, new resolutions?  May I suggest that you include a new prayer routine in your daily life in this new year of 2019?  Perhaps you have been praying daily already.  Perhaps you have been wanting to devote more time to daily prayers.  Perhaps you haven't had time . . . . whatever the situation you are in, please consider a renewed effort to pray daily in this new year!  Daily prayers are necessary for the soul in the way oxygen is for the lungs.  We may be going to Sunday Mass faithfully, but without daily prayers the graces we have received in the Sacraments do not have chance to grow, to blossom, to produce fruits in our lives.  Daily prayers are critical for spiritual growth and spiritual growth is nothing other than a deepening of our friendship with our Blessed Lord!
I am looking at various options for a prayer book to recommend to you.  And please remember, the family that prays together, stays together!  Have a Blessed New Year!

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