December 2, 2018 Bulletin: My Dear Parishioners
Advent is once more upon us.  We have only four weeks to prepare for Christmas, and, before you know it, the whole joyful season will be over!  What could we do so that not another Advent would come and go and we remain the same - unchanged?  We are too absorbed in our work, our tasks, and our jobs.  We barely have time to breathe, and life goes on from morning till evening without break for us.  God has graced us with another Advent season!  And He wants us to truly take time out for Him from our busy schedule, to slow down, to take in the taste and the smell and the flavor of the season, so that we may make the most of this beautiful season as we prepare for Christmas.
Please join me and others at Vespers these Sundays of Advent.  We have sung Vespers at 5pm every Sunday.  And on the First Sunday of Advent we will have a reflection during Vespers to help us reflect on the graciousness of God in the event of the Incarnation.  We will have a potluck dinner afterwards.  So, there is my invitation to you, so that we could be together one more time on a Sunday Advent evening to praise God and to be with each other!

November 25, 2018 Bulletin:  My Dear Parishioners,
A question for us: Is Christ truly the King of our life?  Do I accept His sovereign kingship and put myself under His dominion?  Do I accept His commandments and teachings?  Do I willingly live my life morally as a response to His Love for me?
I have discovered for myself this existential truth: if I refuse to acknowledge Christ's kingship over my life in even a smallest matter, if I assert my autonomy and dismiss Him, somehow life is not going well for me.  Without Him as my King and Lord, anchor and guide, I meander and I stray and I get lost or become entangled in all the things that make life miserable for me.  Without Christ, life has no meaning and purpose!  Without Christ, I don't even want to get up on Monday morning!  But with Christ I have everything.  With Christ, I could put one foot in front of the other and keep on keeping on!  And what else?  On Thanksgiving Day, I haves someone to whom I could be thankful!  God bless you!

November 18, 2018 Bulletin:  My Dear Parishioners,
Thanksgiving is this coming week and thousands of people in Northern and Southern California have no place to celebrate this beautiful feast with their families.  This Thursday, when you sit down with your families to thank God for the blessings you have all received, please take a moment to think and pray for all the people displaced by the vicious fires which have consumed so many lives and properties and wrought havoc on so many lives!  Please help them, if you can, through the Red Cross or any other charitable organizations.  I wish you a most Blessed Thanksgiving!

November 11, 2018 Bulletin:  My Dear Parishioners,
The Archbishop is inviting input from priests and people, in planning for the future of the Archdiocese.  I am asking the question for myself: Is our parish viable?  And viability means, but not limited to:  Are we reaching out to other people?  Are we evangelizing the culture?  Are we attracting people from the neighborhood because of the way we live our faith?  Are we actively engaging those who might have different ideas about freedom of conscience, the free exercise of religion, and such, in conversations?  Are we giving witness to what we believe?  Are we ourselves solidly rooted in our faith and in our love and in our hope - the three Theological virtues?  But the most essential question is, are we truly in love with God?  If our hearts are on fire for God, then, of course, we will do all those things above.  And so the heart is where everything must begin.  Is my heart filled with affection for Jesus?  Do I truly prefer Christ above all other people and things and even my own life?
May we never cease to beg the Lord for affection for Him!  "Seek first the Kingdom of God, then all else shall be given thee!"

November 4, 2018 Bulletin:  My Dear Parishioners,
The one word that describes All Saints Day is joy.  Today the Church invites us to look up to heaven and remember those faithful departed who lived their lives faithfully in the eye of God and who were pleasing to Him by the fragrance of the virtuous deeds and words and thoughts.  The saints persevered while their faith was being tested - sometimes in the most violent ways.  In their perseverance the saints built up Christ's Body on earth. They resisted the onslaughts of evil with God's graces.  They obeyed the Commandments out of love for God.  Many of them made the ultimate sacrifices rather than abandoned the faith.  The saints give us great examples.  From heaven, they remind us that it is very possible to be saints - even in this day and age!  They show us that true joy is found when we live out our commitment to God in fidelity.  They help us discover the joy of the pearl of great price - God's wisdom and His precepts.  They continue to intercede for us with God in heaven so that the joy of being a Christian continues to permeate our whole being - even while we suffer hardships and illnesses.
Please also pray for all those still awaiting for the day when their purification shall be completed.  Please never forget those in the suffering Church in Purgatory who need our prayers and works of penance for their ultimate entrance into God's Presence in heaven!  Fr. Luan

October 28, 2018 Bulletin:  My Dear Parishioners
This week I will read the letter to our Parish from the Archbishop.  The Church is not advocating any other measures on the ballot this November in Oregon, except for Measure 106 as this measure directly impacts us Catholics for it has to do with public funding of abortion.  Now is the chance for us to put our faith into action, but in the end we all vote with our conscience.  I hope and pray that we shall be guided by an informed conscience that has been formed and shaped by the message of the Gospel of Life.  We Christians are the light and salt of the world.
May our good God continue to keep our faith firm and fervent, our hope serene and strong, and our charity for Him and for the world, burning with the fire of every affection in the heart!

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